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Bios Programmer is an application that allows you to flash the bios of your laptop or desktop with your phone.

If you only have one laptop / desktop or if you are a professional that is looking to free up space on the desk this application is for you!

No need to spend money buying pre-programed bios chip or to pay a store to program your bios!

You will need an OTG adapter and a CH341 Bios Programmer.

Make sure your device is able to fully support OTG (USB On-The-Go).


1º Plug your CH341 to your phone via OTG
2º Attach the usb device to your phone by clicking the USB icon on the toolbar
3º Click 'DETECT' to read the chip identifiers
- Click 'DUMP FLASH MEMORY' to read chip contents
- Click 'FILE MANAGER' to choose a file to write to the chip
- Click 'VERIFY' to check if the selected file matches the chip contents
- Click 'ERASE' to erase chip contents

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This app is in development stages and should support every chip that is supported by the CH341 Bios Programmer, you may encounter chips that are detected as 'Unknown' if this happens it may be because the chip is missing from the application database, however you may still be able to read and write from it.

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