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  • nelson14 reviewed MovelusLocal APK


    O Movelus foi extremamente util...localizei rapidamente um profissional de hidraulica na regiao de barao geraldo em campinas...profissional competente, solucao rapida. Recomendo o MovelusLocal a todos.

    Jan 16, 2017

  • nelson14 reviewed Carta Curinga de Bolso APK


    Coloquem o Cinema Ritz!

    Nov 28, 2016

  • nelson14 reviewed Pokémon GO APK


    Awesome concept and wonderfully social, but without doubt the most buggy game I've ever played on android. Most recently it's become impossible to track Pokemon which is the main point of the game. This has been an issue for far too long, however once fixed it would bring the rating up :) Marvelous

    Jul 21, 2016

  • nelson14 reviewed Free Store (FreeStore Android Market) APK


    Free store, nice app, so many paid for free apps! Great job!

    May 30, 2016

  • nelson14 reviewed Elun - Icon Pack APK


    Fantastic A really great icon pack. The design is clearly awesome, as seen in the screenshots and the amount of apps covered is very extensive. I also e-mailed the developer to request some icons for apps that weren't currently in the icon pack and he e-mailed back very quickly saying that he had added them to his to-do list! The app itself (where the icons can be viewed, applied, etc.) also works nicely and includes over 30 simple, cool wallpapers. These are mostly based on gradients. Brilliant

    Apr 19, 2016

  • nelson14 reviewed Secret Codes APK


    Add receiver name The receiver name may give hints about the functionality that's exposed with that secret code. Also, it's too easy to tap a code by mistake while scrolling, i did it multiple times, it would be nice to have a confirmation prompt.

    Jun 29, 2015

  • nelson14 reviewed Karaoke Vibe APK


    Great App-Love it! Great software for DJ's and KJ's. Upload your sing list and singers can send song requests from the web app or smart phone. Has a great location map for DJ's, Singers & Venues that can show dates and times of shows with DJs names when registered. Lots of free features and low cost advertising to a large targetable audience. I've been using it for two years and they make great updates to the app all the time. Love it! Great!

    Nov 26, 2013

  • nelson14 reviewed PicsArt Photo Studio: Criador de Colagem & Editor APK


    Love it! I've been using this app ever since it first came out and it has never failed to make my pictures just the way I want them. Definitely 5 stars. Flawless

    May 10, 2015

  • nelson14 reviewed Xperia™ Transfer Desktop APK


    Excellent I transferred all my info from my sony xperia s to mi z3 without problems. Good app and simple to use Good

    Jan 03, 2015

  • nelson14 reviewed Where's My Water? Free APK


    Love it but....? descriptive on each level because I got confused on some leavls and need and more levels more than 5 to 10 Fantastic

    Apr 02, 2015

  • nelson14 reviewed LightwaveRF APK


    Quick and easy Sorry to all those that struggled with LightwaveRF but I had no problems. The Lightwave link was simply a matter of plugging it in. The app download was also a breeze. I did have have a small issue with getting the two to talk to each other. The app instucted me to enter the four digit code on the bottom of the link but mine didn't look the same as the one in the example so it took a couple of guesses to get that right. It was more me being thick than a problem with the system. It's working great. wow lol

    Nov 26, 2014

  • nelson14 reviewed MK Kosher APK


    Great app!! This app is great for finding out what's kosher And under what hashgacha. Keep update the great work!

    Mar 11, 2012

  • nelson14 reviewed  APK





    Awesome! Few month ago i install adblock to my phone, when i use my hp as hotspot, all ads are block, and make i cant access many video online with ads, by that time i did't because of adsblock, now i remember ,and use this app and remove the adsblock, and it work perfectly!!!! Thanks for great app.

    Jul 19, 2013

  • nelson14 reviewed Echoplex Drum Simulator APK


    Has Potential! I'm a fan of anything NIN and Trent Reznor related for sure. In fact, I was overjoyed and a little stunned to see this app, though, I'm assuming it's not officially endorsed by Trent? Regardless of that it still kicks some butt. But unfortunately it just doesn't work as well as I had hoped it would. There seems to be some sort of latency issue with the tracks. And I really don't perceive this as being a problem because of my tablet, because it's dual-core with 1gig of RAM, and it easily handles applications that throw much resource intensive demands at it. I just notice that it does not always seem to play the sounds where I've placed them, and when I place a bunch of one-shots next to each other on the track. It seems to get jumbled and it's not able to process them correctly, so it sounds all garbled. While I love this app for what it is, I still really wish that Trent himself would release some kind of beat-making application on Android. That would be truly remarkable! But many thanks and much respect to the developer here, for building this app. I hope it can get doctored up a little, and reach it's full truest potential. 3-stars is average. GTab10.1 / Honeycomb 3.2

    Sep 08, 2012

  • nelson14 reviewed Bible Quote Widget Demo APK


    So on the Droid u hold the main back screen then choose Widgets. Only ...! So on the Droid u hold the main back screen then choose Widgets. Only ten inspirational stuff but its not bad for something that's free. Recommend to get Bible Quote Widget Demo APK.

    Feb 10, 2010

  • nelson14 reviewed NY Mets News by 24-7 Sports APK


    Useful but quirky! Fast, timely and convenient, but crashes often. Would love to see more of the linked stories in the app itself. Using the link is often slow and tedious.

    Aug 30, 2012

  • nelson14 reviewed MONOPOLY Millionaire APK


    Good idea, Mainly same game! Slightly a waste of money as its basically the same as the original version bit it does have some control features that the original game should have. Overall decent game but on the Samsung GS3 there is some sound issues. fix and you'll get 5

    Nov 29, 2012

  • nelson14 reviewed Locale Execute Plug-in APK


    Works perfectly! (Evo) It was created for Local, so don't give bad rating if ...! Works perfectly! (Evo) It was created for Local, so don't give bad rating if you can't get it working with Tasker!

    Mar 24, 2011

  • nelson14 reviewed Improv FlipFont APK


    #live-wallpapers I really like this font!! It's different and bold enough to read without straining ...! I really like this font!! It's different and bold enough to read without straining but not so bold it hurts. Perfect on my Samsung Captivate.

    Jan 09, 2011