Samsung SM-N7502 Note 3 Neo Duos


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  • nzubesunny reviewed Google Keep - notas e listas APK


    As estrelas que não vão pra Motorola pois o Moto G não vem com um simples bloco de notas instalado. Obrigada Google, mais uma vez salvando meu dia <3

    Jun 02, 2017

  • nzubesunny reviewed Ofertas de Escola APK


    Ajuda muito para ter acesso às ofertas de escola de forma muito simples e rápido. Recomendo

    Nov 29, 2016

  • nzubesunny reviewed Blackjack Free APK


    Chips I don't want to be given chips all the time when I already have chips. If I run out then give me chips but not sooner. What is leveling up? Thank you for responding... Great!

    Jul 30, 2016

  • nzubesunny reviewed iTranslate - Tradutor de Língua e Dicionário APK


    iTranslate I'm taking a Spanish class and using this app saves time by not having to look up words in a dictionary!! I highly recommend using this app. Fantastic

    May 03, 2016

  • nzubesunny reviewed Fly Crazy APK


    Micromax A110 Make the height from that guy far & near to as we play like up-down ground surface. Or like that some features of vortex runner need the changes.... /Ashok k.r chikbapur/

    May 13, 2013

  • nzubesunny reviewed Wheels of Babylon APK


    Good game! But why is it called BABYlon?! And make it so every time you kill a guy you get 150

    Jul 28, 2015

  • nzubesunny reviewed The Wall Street Journal: Business & Market News APK


    Almost there... Layout and navigation are great, but still lots of glitches. Would love ability to download papers for offline reading while traveling. Go well

    Apr 06, 2015

  • nzubesunny reviewed Parks Puzzle APK


    Great puzzle game! Moar, please! It's nice to be addicted to something which is stimulating yet has a functional pause button. Brilliant

    Mar 19, 2014

  • nzubesunny reviewed One Touch Flash Light APK


    Only flashlight app I use

    Aug 26, 2014

  • nzubesunny reviewed Per-App Modes APK


    Sweet! Excellent development Franco. Very easy to use, just wish I didn't skip the into because I'm not sure what the paths are.. Recommend to get Per-App Modes APK.

    Mar 04, 2014

  • nzubesunny reviewed Animas Online APK


    #rpg-and-fantasy nice! nice game. says play with random friends of similar level, but no one talks. they just plays and not sure they r other player or just bots. they dont collect coins, rewards. fishy. anyways, nice game. good work!

    Jul 03, 2014

  • nzubesunny reviewed Letter Quiz: Alphabet Aquarium APK


    #get-kids'-stories Great app to teach letters!! Great application for any parent looking for something to teach their child letters and alphabet. I really appreciate that each game has several levels of difficulty so that a child can progress through different levels with practice. I recommend this to all moms and dads who want their preschooler to have a bit of fun while learning. It has a very pleasing design and many educational games.

    Sep 22, 2013

  • nzubesunny reviewed Modern Clock Set 4 Clocks 2x2 APK


    Amazing! Spent entire morning looking for an analog clock replacement for the stock 4.2 clock. This was the only one that sufficed. Simple, clean, and awesome!. Recommend to get Modern Clock Set 4 Clocks 2x2 APK.

    Dec 17, 2012

  • nzubesunny reviewed SD Speed Increase APK


    A MUST-HAVE for power users! Fantastic app. Works like a charm, and now my once slow, and annoying frustrating Samsung Stratosphere is lightning fast as if there were no downloaded apps or memory.

    Feb 15, 2012

  • nzubesunny reviewed UberMusic APK


    Aesthetically appeals, but doesn't live up to its pricetag The interface looks simple and classical, and flipping through menus is buttery smooth! But what brings this app's score down is its lack of functionality; there is no search function & no equalizer..the basics of even free media players! I've seen this app grow through its alpha and beta releases..please give your baby some attention with some updates!

    Jul 19, 2012

  • nzubesunny reviewed Creepy House - Horror Stories APK


    #movie-player!!!!!!! This thing scared me so bad!!! Especialy the safe!!! I typed in bloody mary!!! Im so scared!!!!

    Nov 12, 2012