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Huawei H30-U10 Honor 3C


Focus: first person shooter music search realistic racing

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  • le thi kim reviewed Orçamento Serviços e Produtos APK

    le thi kim

    Muito bom, bem profissional, mas as caixas de texto deveriam permitir mais caracteres

    Nov 29, 2016

  • le thi kim reviewed Scatter Slots - Máquinas Caça-níqueis de Vegas APK

    le thi kim

    As a past loyal player, reaching level 475, THE QUALITY OF THE GAME WENT TO SHIT! SHAME ON YOU MURKA HACKS! I am very disappointed in how this game has evolved WHAT A PITY! Still not 100% Before you offer more gimmick coins purchases, why don't you fix POOR skimpy hourly spins! BORING! BORING! Skips over bonus reels and skips when your about to win big. BORING! What a PITY that players who don't do Facebook can't utilize top reel on hourly Scatter Slots reel. BORING! MURKA ! BORING! IF you don't buy their coins, you don't win! It's a pity that Murka can't get it right. A true waste of money and time!!!! Great!

    Aug 10, 2016

  • le thi kim reviewed MediMan APK

    le thi kim

    सोमनाथ सं. मुळे अप्रतिम, आपल्या शरीराची इत्यंभूत वैद्यकीय माहिती या अॅप मधे सुरक्षितपणे संचित ठेवता येते. आजार असो वा नसो सदर अॅप सर्वांना उपयुक्त आहे. Just wow

    May 09, 2016

  • le thi kim reviewed Digital Waybill 2-Way Module APK

    le thi kim

    Can't Log out! Dear developers, could you add a log-out feature to allow drivers log out and login with different user names if necessary? Another question, please; is this applcation available for BlackBerry users? Thank you and have a merry Christmas!

    Dec 25, 2014

  • le thi kim reviewed Lunar Approach APK

    le thi kim

    Wicked game! Very addictive! Love the levels and the asteroids. Its hard to complete but thats what makes it so addictive! Cant wait for more levels ;)

    Jun 21, 2013

  • le thi kim reviewed SimpleMind Free mind mapping APK

    le thi kim

    Bravo! Simply simple, seamless & subtle. I would like to have a small reminder feature to give it 5on5! All the best. Recommend

    Nov 30, 2014

  • le thi kim reviewed Where's My Water? APK

    le thi kim

    Love it Love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it so so so much. Perfect

    Nov 25, 2014

  • le thi kim reviewed NBC Sports APK

    le thi kim

    needs some tuning! freezes constantly..changes screen rotation orientation non sensically..somewhat unuseable. a major media outfit can't put together an app?

    Feb 06, 2014

  • le thi kim reviewed Eggify - Bitcoin Classifieds APK

    le thi kim

    #search-for-something Bitcoin Classifieds! I made this app to give people a way to buy and sell stuff for bitcoins locally.

    Jan 25, 2014

  • le thi kim reviewed Apptoko APK

    le thi kim

    support! terimakasih. apps nya sgt membantu untuk pencarian aplikasi brbayar di PS. kedepannya bisa diperbaiki tampilan nya biar lbh smooth dan diperbanyak aplikasi berbayarnya.

    Nov 23, 2013

  • le thi kim reviewed WLR FM APK

    le thi kim




    #live-news Simple and Easy to use, But.......!! Simple and Easy to use, But.......! Its annoying when your try to use the News, Facebook or Request Buttons as the Live stream stops and I miss a few mins of the show, Especially annoying if your listening to a Chat Show! If the developer could fix this it would be a perfect app. Hasn't been updated to address any of the major issues that hills this app back. Gonna keep using TuneIn Radio App until this one is fixed!

    Jul 08, 2013

  • le thi kim reviewed Terraria APK

    le thi kim

    #brain-teasers-and-trainers awsome! Excelente juego nadamas un bug con los controles de movimiento se mueven cuando presionas fuera de estos (a quick bug: the movement controls or pads move when u touch near them)

    Sep 13, 2013

  • le thi kim reviewed Music Equalizer APK

    le thi kim

    Its ok. The widget will not stay on. It will stay on but the effects shut off after listening to music for a while. Other than that I would rate it a 5.. Recommend to get Music Equalizer APK

    Dec 28, 2013

  • le thi kim reviewed Runningmap Trackometer APK

    le thi kim

    Good app! It works well telling you how much you've run and how long. The only problem I have with it is when I want to switch to my music app and then switch back, trackometer resets the run and I lose how much I've run up to that point. It might just be my phone though.. Recommend to take Runningmap Trackometer APK.

    May 24, 2012