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  • BetSoftGaming reviewed ovelhas caminho de casa APK


    Ou cardeiiro chips oftr qua te. Te Gordy

    Dec 01, 2016

  • BetSoftGaming reviewed Gorilla Run - selva selvagem APK


    Ótimo santatisco vocês vão adora

    Nov 24, 2016

  • BetSoftGaming reviewed Crab War APK


    Can't stop clicking! I love 5 his game it's so addicting. I start clicking I can't stop. Add more to this game and I will rate 5 star

    May 28, 2016

  • BetSoftGaming reviewed UK Tides APK


    Loved it until the change Used this for over a year now and worked perfectly but now unable to get any tide information plz fix

    Sep 03, 2014

  • BetSoftGaming reviewed Namaz in Hindi, Namaz ka Tariqa APK


    Maasha'allah Benefit apps zazakallah khuda bless u and all your families Very nice apps aameen

    Aug 03, 2015

  • BetSoftGaming reviewed  APK





    Navigation problems I have a problem in navigation when I open the Word List, it won't scroll down so I am not able to see and learn other words. Plus, is there only the English section? Where are the other sections? Update and fox the problems. Thanks. Great!

    Jul 10, 2014

  • BetSoftGaming reviewed Carousell: Snap-Sell, Chat-Buy APK


    Great I love it. Within one hour I can sell up to 3 item. Really convenience. And I can buy some really cheap item from trusted seller here. Just wow

    Apr 06, 2015

  • BetSoftGaming reviewed Pocket Auctions for eBay APK


    So far so good! Am using this because eBay app and eBay in any browser on my phone stopped showing pictures/images for some reason. Tried this out and well, images are working and I can actually see the item not just blank spaces. Pretty good

    Feb 24, 2015

  • BetSoftGaming reviewed Planetshakers APK


    Pretty cool! .tHanks for making this app .. this makes me updated about the planetshakers ..God bless you ... Recommend to take Planetshakers APK.

    Mar 27, 2013

  • BetSoftGaming reviewed Sidecar: Drive APK


    Looks Better, but.....! Samsung Galaxy Grand: The app works without any glitches, however, the new update leaves out tip percentage, ride day total, and 4-Day Total; features I loved. Passenger rating could be better. It's annoying to give 5 stars for niceness, only to receive a not so nice donation.. Recommend to get Sidecar: Drive APK.

    Aug 16, 2013

  • BetSoftGaming reviewed Download Manager APK


    Simply great Its really simple design just works great. It did not detect any links in my browser but long press and "open with" starts the download just fine. I like it.. Recommend to install Download Manager APK

    Aug 11, 2014

  • BetSoftGaming reviewed Best Nail Designs APK


    #media-player Nice app.....! Its as much beautiful like my wife.... Loved this app... Fully recommanded to download it to every one.... ThNks for making such a cool app....

    Jul 30, 2012

  • BetSoftGaming reviewed First Grade Learning Games APK


    #word-games Lovely and challenging! Impressed with the free version will buy full when 7yr old has reviewed- often the games are too simple or boring , the 3 free ones have different levels and look to lcover lots of what she is learning in school.

    Oct 10, 2012

  • BetSoftGaming reviewed Napster APK


    Good! This is a good app and has served me well so far. However after the recent update I have been unable to download tracks due to some kind of bug. Can I have help on this issue please?. Recommend to take Napster APK.

    Dec 04, 2013

  • BetSoftGaming reviewed Discount Calc APK


    Having the discount calculator on my phone is great I work at a dept ...! Having the discount calculator on my phone is great I work at a dept store and figuring out our discounts as well as for customers is good.. Recommend to install Discount Calc APK.

    Jan 10, 2011

  • BetSoftGaming reviewed Thor's Hammer HD Slot Machine APK


    #adventure-games Another great product! I don't know what these people are complaining about this slot game works great and pays great. Keep up the good work slot machine factory.

    Sep 04, 2012

  • BetSoftGaming reviewed TouristEye - Travel guide APK


    Join with Facebook or Twitter? I want to use the app WITHOUT joining it to either account. At first thought I couldnt--unclear instructions re signing in/creating acct. Once I signed in though--cool!

    May 27, 2014

  • BetSoftGaming reviewed Crawl 4x4 Pro APK


    UNDENIABLY THE BEST GAME ON ANDROID!!!!!!! Even my 2 year old son can't put it down. I have no complaints! Some suggestions though. How about acouple more trucks, maybe some longer trails? It would be cool to see some "Real" trails too. All-in-all BADASS!!!!. Recommend to download Crawl 4x4 Pro APK.

    Jul 04, 2013

  • BetSoftGaming reviewed GOWidget SteelBlue ICS - Free APK


    #ics-theme Nice, but...! It seemed to shrink the Widgets significantly (thus leaving little space for the widget's contents), leaving a lot of unused spaces around them. I hope this is fixed, thank you.

    Mar 04, 2012

  • BetSoftGaming reviewed WiZZ Widget APK


    It's decent Facebook widget used to be awesome. Enabled native app and it would take you directly to post when you tap it. Now it just opens Facebook w/o going to selected post. Not so awesome now.

    Jul 05, 2014