Samsung SM-G900M Galaxy S5


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  • Fronkie10 reviewed fooView - FV Float Viewer, File, Video, Explorer APK


  • Fronkie10 reviewed Gorilla Run - selva selvagem APK


    Este jogo e muito chato

    Nov 24, 2016

  • Fronkie10 reviewed Crab War APK


    Awesome game/concept! I love thos game so much! It has an awesome amount of depth and replayability. And it is quiet generous for all the gold you can get from ads and when the game is closed it still collects gold! 10/10 I would get it again!

    May 28, 2016

  • Fronkie10 reviewed myAzan Free APK


    Working great Saya suka app ini saya tidak berat..dan insaAllah ber guna dengan baik..ameen..

    Jan 07, 2015

  • Fronkie10 reviewed BANKERS GURU APK


    Oops Bankers guru says "unable to load more pages" in my red me 2. Only first page of any subject is opened thereafter it crashes. Admn plz do sumthin

    Oct 09, 2015

  • Fronkie10 reviewed Messenger APK


    Love Messenger!! Reliable on the go, sometimes hit a dead spot and it need to reconnect, but love it!! And thank you for making this!! It's very easy to talk to my fiancé who currently lives in Canada! And I love the new feature of the hearts floating up when I send certain stickers!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Dec 14, 2015

  • Fronkie10 reviewed  APK





    Update the packages I was trying to buy the skill builder package and saw that it was of last year 14 . . when will the app be updated for 15 skill builder .. ?? Cool

    Apr 13, 2015

  • Fronkie10 reviewed Peel Smart Remote TV Guide APK


    Wow! I can't believe how cool this app is. It works great with Comcast...I'm moving soon so I'll be able to test it with Time-Warner soon. Omg

    Apr 14, 2015

  • Fronkie10 reviewed Pocket Auctions for eBay APK


    Pocket auction Don't think you can do any better on android. I haven't tried any of the other ebay apps though, but I doubt there any better. Simple, easy and quick. Marvelous

    Sep 13, 2013

  • Fronkie10 reviewed WSU Shockers: Free APK


    Great Most of the things people are complaining that this app doesn't have, it does in fact have. Some people must just not have the common sense to navigate through an app correctly...

    Jan 31, 2014

  • Fronkie10 reviewed FotoRus-Editor De Fotos APK


    Awesome Very useful for adding those extra touches to make pics extra special. Love it ♥♡♥. Recommend to get FotoRus APK

    Nov 18, 2014

  • Fronkie10 reviewed SE Visualizador Portátil APK


    Great Viewer App! I love this app for showing potential customers my capabilities. Nothing beats the 3D models for someone to understand what you can do, instead of an image. I agree with many of the previous reviews for future functions in the viewer, can't wait. Sure would like to see the ability to download and install the app on the larger phone devices with the larger screens. I had to install it on a tablet, and extract the APK to install it on my Samsung Galaxy S3. It works flawless, but is a hassle to install with having to go around the system to make it work. Please open the installation to phone type devices, as it works great.. Recommend to get Solid Edge Mobile Viewer APK.

    Aug 18, 2013

  • Fronkie10 reviewed Solid Alarm Clock Simple APK


    Needs one simple tweak. Initially very effective.! This was great until i figured out how to easily cheat the math problems. It needs to punish you by adding an extra math question when you get one wrong. Otherwise you can just press random answers repeatedly until you get enough right (thus takes 2 seconds). Recommend to take Solid Alarm Clock Simple APK.

    Jul 16, 2013

  • Fronkie10 reviewed Ler mais rápido APK


    Very very good Great app in all aspects I can think of. Great user interface, effective, motivating, cheap...

    Apr 13, 2014

  • Fronkie10 reviewed Citações Samurai APK


    #live-wallpaper Hmm! Needs more quotes, maybe add a book section... And expand on the way of the samurai thing. I want to make this my bible but its just not enough.

    Nov 12, 2012

  • Fronkie10 reviewed Reign of Dragons APK


    Great! I like the feel of this game. Get limited card deck! Enter this code [42PKKNZ]. Recommend to take Reign of Dragons: Build-Battle APK.

    Nov 18, 2013

  • Fronkie10 reviewed Barriga lisa em 42 dias - treino abdominal APK


    Number 3 in my top 5 1. Sworkit. 2. Daily Workouts. 3. Caynax A6W Abs. 4. 7 minute Workout. 5. Workout Trainer.. Recommend to install Abs workout APK

    Oct 15, 2014

  • Fronkie10 reviewed Dark Galaxy APK


    #crime-and-mafia-games Space winning! Alliance code: vompv. Cool game. Definitely wastes some of your free time. Would like a raid element too, but maybe I'm just not far enough in.

    Oct 18, 2012

  • Fronkie10 reviewed 8,500+ Drink Recipes Free APK


    #bartending-app Good app! It is a good app...i have seen better but still a good book for those wanting to learn how to make a quick drink and impress their friends.

    Jan 15, 2013

  • Fronkie10 reviewed Bike Hub Cycle Journey planner APK


    Good but needs some tweeks! It's about time for a sat nav that understands there are cycle routes that save time. It isn't great for when i'm doing touring as it requires an internet conection in the middle of no where. And won't accomadate that i go quite slow when pulling a 30kilo pack. Wish it also timed and tracked journey. Love the fact it tells you your turnings are coming up. Have problems when i go of route that it takes forever to recalculate a route. The general ease of proper sat nav function is great.. Recommend to install Bike Hub Cycle Journey planner APK.

    May 20, 2013