Motorola XT919 RAZR D3


Focus: clock widget, photo editing, video downloader

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  • MoniQJuld reviewed Gift Wallet-Recompensas Grátis APK


    Bom app, galera nova que for instalar quem puder dá uma ajuda, põe meu código lá, receberam 50 moedas, agradeço desde ja...codigo- UX4NTKS

    Jun 02, 2017

  • MoniQJuld reviewed Black Ops 2 armas APK


    Muito show

    Nov 29, 2016

  • MoniQJuld reviewed t wallet APK


    Very Nice concept... keep it up...earnings is nice. I like nice now many merchant using t wallet and Cool

    Jul 30, 2016

  • MoniQJuld reviewed MushroomS APK


    Fun fun fun More fun with notification Muito bom!

    May 03, 2016

  • MoniQJuld reviewed 94 Segundos APK


    I'm only here 4 the free chronos Addicting game but not too exciting after a most apps and games today it grabs your attention then probes you to buy things to keep playing ... if i wanted a cheap thrill I would have stuck with games like trivia crack. Also, I don't know who the deuce makes these answers but many are inaccurate and it's almost impossible to figure out whether your correct different answers will earn you extra points or won't earn you things at all. But it's too darn I get my chronos now?

    May 07, 2015

  • MoniQJuld reviewed botão engraçado grande arroto APK


    it funny like it you should get it its a good app to have for pranking or something my brother thought they were actully coming out of me but i would never burp like that

    Aug 22, 2015