Brightest Flashlight-Multi LED APK para android por MoniQJdfh


Motorola XT919 RAZR D3


Focus: clock widget, photo editing, video downloader

MoniQJdfh's Comentários

  • MoniQJdfh reviewed Brightest Flashlight-Multi LED APK


    Muito eficiente e auxiliador. Indicado pra quem não ouvi. Até quem escuta também pq a pessoa enxerga os flahs

    11 months ago

  • MoniQJdfh reviewed Teclado de Néon Azul com Emoji APK


    Muito bom

    Nov 29, 2016

  • MoniQJdfh reviewed SchoolConnects APK


    Thank You. Good initiative. It is very helpful to get first hand information and reviews from peer Parents than just relying on sites giving anonymous ratings and rankings. Thanks for the Admissions Calendar too...!!! 5 star

    Aug 04, 2016

  • MoniQJdfh reviewed Pocket iMap - draw on maps APK


    Dear developers please read this review!! first, i wish i could backup my drawings! second, i want to sign in as a user , and share the drawings with other users that have permission. third, if it's not too hard, i want the abillty to choose and delete a specific line with out doing "step backward" Thank's guys keep up the good work! Perfect!

    Apr 17, 2016

  • MoniQJdfh reviewed Gmail Canned Responses BETA APK


    Works but needs improvements It saves and loads all my canned messages however I recently lost them all, about thirty of them and I suspect this may be the reason but have no ides for am starting over so suggest the following improvements: 1. Save/backup feature to drop box or other cloud options and the phone sdcard 2. It does not keep the formatting such as bullet points or bold which needs to be fixed

    Sep 20, 2013

  • MoniQJdfh reviewed Rust Bucket APK


    love it - Well Done Though was not able to pass gate 8 yet in the endless mood but I love it. the walk through is what clearly shows a well made game teaching you the needed skills without in forcing them xD

    Dec 29, 2015